Bitcoin is one of the most volatile assets out there, that’s one of the reasons Wall Street traders are starting to look this way. They need volatility to make money but they have access to tools most people don’t.
We created our own set of tools to trade bitcoin and every time we told a friend, they’d ask us if they could use it too. Eventually we decided to publish it for other people to use, that’s probably why you’re here.
We combined technical analysis with machine learning based on real time prices and news sites from all over the world. This gave us thousands of data points for our algorithm to learn from and so far it’s given us great results.
Right now what we’re offering you is two price estimates a day, 4 hours in advance so you can make trades with some level of certainty.
Remember, with great power comes great responsibility and this isn’t financial advice, it’s just a “entertaining and educational” 4 hour window to use your new spidey sense.
Daniel Fernandez
Prior to HODL or Short, Daniel co-founded two other startups with Alex. He studied Engineering at UTN in Argentina, focusing on data analysis and predictive models.
Alex Fernandez
Prior to HODL or Short, Alex co-founded two other startups with Daniel- Fergu.co and TradeFit. He previously worked at Novartis as a drug safety analyst.